UKIP Swansea elections – Dan Morgan & Stan Robinson FAIL!

Congratulations to the people of Swansea in showing a complete lack of support for the far right arguably racists Dan Morgan & Stan Robinson. Both failed to gain the votes they were expecting and it is said that they were inconsolable after the results given.

Already their youtube channel has been banned from racism, yet they both run a website and social media platforms called “The Voice Of Wales”.  Certainly they are not the voice of wales despite their claims and this is evidenced due to a low number of supporters within their social media in addition to an even lower number of supporters who voted for them during the local elections.

Both Morgan and Robinson had high hopes for the election, they even went to observe the counting of the votes. An account from their day obtained from their chat room is below. Notice that they all claim they are exempt from wearing masks (possible Covidiots as well as idiots) and had the audacity to potentially put other people at risk due to their inability to wear masks. Account from their chat room below:


A day in the life of VOW 
it’s been long overdue, but i finally met Dan and Stan today and got to walk in their shoes for the day. as you know, both Dan and Stan, are standing in the local elections for UKIP in the Swansea area and today, is ballot counting day and this is just a small insight of the day. as soon as we walked into the counting area, you could feel the eyes of other candidates staring at us. there were two police officers in the middle of the room, which took interest in us. when we walked round to a far corner to observe a count, the police decided to approach us for a chat. as none of us were wearing a mask (all have exemptions), they started by asking us the usual “why are you not wearing a mask” etc questions and we informed them of our exemptions. when they started to repeat the questions, they were then reminded, that they were interfering with an election count and they soon left us, so we could continue observing the count. when we started a 2nd walk round of the counting tables, two more police had turned up and all four were watching us. before we arrived at the some corner as before, a local MP walked passed by us and left a snide passing comment. the lads, professional as always, just brushed it off and didn’t rise to his comment. the MP was then observed, talking to a person and this person made a beeline for us. when he approached us, he introduced himself and he was from trading standards. and again, we had the same mask questions as from the police. he had the same reply as what the police did. he too left sharpishly. after a while, we left this counting area, to go into a 2nd counting area. after leaving the 1st room, two of the police followed us into the 2nd counting area. not sure why they followed us, but either police officers wouldn’t stop staring at us. if it was an intimidation tactic, but it wasn’t working.
when the count was quieting down, we left to go to the 3rd counting area in a different venue. when we stopped to observe a count, another trading standards person came to speak to us and said “i know you’ve just come from another counting venue, but is there a reason for you all not wearing a mask?”. again, we informed him, that we are all exempt and when he was asked “how did you know we were at the other venue?” he soon changed his comment to “i said, if you have come from the other venue”. knowing he was caught in his own lie, he soon left us. but it was obvious, that the two venues were talking to each other. we continued to observe the counting. due to other commitments, my day with Dan and Stan , sadly had to come to an early end. and what a day it was. i witnessed first hand, intimidation tactics not only from the police, a (supposedly) trusted elected MP and trading standards. but above all of the tactics, the lads were not fazed by it all and were up beat all day long. people rarely get to see what i witnessed today and i tip my hat to Dan and Stan, for what they have to go through, on a day to day basis and still look at the positives in people and life. thanks guys for having me join you today.


Further reading:

UKIP’s Wales leader Neil Hamilton has defended their Senedd election candidate Stan Robinson who sent deeply offensive tweets about Muslims, BBC Wales reports In the BBC Wales report The Muslim Council of Wales says Stan Robinson’s Twitter account is a “collection of hateful, bigoted and deeply worrying misinformation and conspiracies”. The Swansea based Robinson (pictured left) is number three on the UKIP South Wales West list in the elections to Wales’ Parliament on May 6th. Robinson is also contesting a council by-election for UKIP taking place on the same day in Swansea’s Castle Ward.
BBC Wales reported that on his Twitter account Stan Robinson has in the past fortnight posted several derogatory messages about Islam and Muslims. He retweeted a message labelling migrants “parasites” who should be “arrested” or “shot” to “stop the invasion”. One graphic image was tweeted at the end of last month, depicting the Prophet Muhammad and suggesting child abuse.
Last year we revealed that Robinson made a islamophobic video in Swansea with leading figures on the British far right – Anne Marie Waters and the former BNP organiser Eddy Butler Robinson also made national headlines when he called for the castration of a Sky news presenter, made unfounded claims about Muslims being behind a major knife crime and promoted bogus claims that people from Pakistan were responsible for the spread of coronavirus in Britain…/facebook-swansea…
Robinson also managed a YouTube channel which was recently banished from the platform for hate speech . Before being shut down for violating YT’s ToS the so called ‘Voice of Wales’ channel had hosted interviews with the US domestic terrorist group the Proud Boys and promoted efforts by racists to disrupt player’s BLM solidarity gestures ahead of Swansea City games at the Liberty stadium
The channel’s co-manager Dan Morgan (pictured right), who featured in ukip’s Welsh Parliament election broadcast on television last night and who is standing in Swansea East for the party, was previously involved with the extreme right wing ‘street movement’ the DFLA and he helped organise their rally in Swansea a couple of years back with leader of the neo fascist For Britain party Anne Marie Waters.
Readers may also recall that Morgan promoted that infamous event with leaflets calling the three local labour MPs ‘traitors’. This was a deplorable choice of words and which as we pointed out in this facebook post at the time was no accident Jo Cox’s murderer, the neo nazi Thomas Mair, used the word ‘traitor’ when he shot the Labour MP to death outside her constituency office in the run up to the EU referendum in june 2016 and also gave his name as ‘death to traitors’ when appearing in the dock for her savage murder
Also featured in the kipper’s election broadcast last night was their Wrecsam candidate Seb Ross. In this post last month we revealed that Seb Ross has links with anti semitic politicians and is the deputy of the uk chapter of Poland’s far right KORWiN party
At yesterday’s manifesto launch Ukip unvieled a raft of hard right policies it would introduce in the unlikely event it wins enough seats to form the next Welsh government (the party presently has one Senedd member – Neil Hamilton). Pledging to reintroduce divisive grammar schools in Wales, end Wales’ proud status as a nation of sanctuary for asylum seekers and refugees, scrap laws designed to foster and preserve the Welsh language by requiring councils to provide services in English and Welsh, abolish the Senedd and return Wales to direct rule from Westminster and a bizarre promise to lift the ban on smoking in pubs in Wales
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