Council investigators prevented fraud worth £1.2m in the last 12 months

14 November 2022

A person typing on a dimly lit computer keyboard

Eagle-eyed Powys County Council (PCC) officers helped to prevent fraud and errors worth £1,257,912 during the last 12 months.

And to mark International Fraud Awareness Week 2022 (13-19 November), the council’s Corporate Anti-Fraud Team has revealed that since it was founded in 2015 it has prevented fraud and errors worth £6,622,956.

This figure includes £2,490,992 in recoverable overpayments and £4,131,964 in fraud and errors which were prevented, allowing this money to be spent instead on providing services for those in genuine need.

International Fraud Awareness Week is organised by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and aims to minimise the impact of fraud by promoting anti-fraud awareness and education.

Cllr David Thomas, PCC’s Cabinet Member for Finance and Corporate Transformation, said: “The council has signed up as a supporter of International Fraud Awareness Week and is proud of the work of its Anti-Fraud Team over the last seven years, which has helped ensure that more than £6.6million has not been paid out in error or to fraudsters.

“The council is opposed to all forms of fraud and corruption, and is determined to protect against such actions, whether attempted from within the council or by outside individuals, groups or organisations. So, if you are aware of anyone committing fraud, please report it. That way we will have more money to spend on services which will benefit everyone in the county.”

If you suspect any form of fraud or corruption is taking place you can report it through the council’s website, anonymously if needed: Report fraud, bribery or corruption

Emails can also be sent to: [email protected] and can include a request for a call-back, so long as a telephone number is provided.

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