Cinema & Co – Appealing against Coronavirus regulations / fine

The owner of Swansea’s Cinema & Co was previously fined £15,000 for failing to adhere to Covid-19 rules. The court ordered that the premises should be shut down, however, the owner Anna Redfern ignored this and opened the business again, this led to a suspended prison sentence for contempt of court.

In the appeal hearing, the judge said that clarification was needed to show whether she was appealing against her conviction or her cinema’s conviction.

Swansea council’s prosecutor Lee Reynolds stated that Anna Redfern said she received about £55,000 from an online “crowdfunder”. He said the crowdfunder aims were to pay for legal costs, challenge fines, help loss of business and to take her children on holiday to celebrate getting her freedom back.


Video showing the owner of Cinema & Co after her previous court hearing reading a statement.

Cinema & Co Swansea

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