Carmarthenshire County Council’s Cabinet approves plan to focus social housing allocations

Carmarthenshire County Council’s Cabinet has agreed to take the first steps towards delivering on Welsh Government’s Rapid Rehousing approach with the introduction of an Emergency Social Housing Allocations Policy which will focus the way the housing needs of residents are met in Carmarthenshire.  

The Emergency Policy, developed by Communities Scrutiny Task and Finish group, was unanimously approved by Cabinet and has been created to help address housing pressures and reduce the time that those in greatest need wait for social housing.  

The Policy will enable homes to be directly matched to applicants most in need, such as those who are homeless, are at risk of homelessness or in urgent housing need. It will also enable homes to be allocated more quickly and to those residents they are most suitable for. 

The proposed Emergency Social Housing Allocations Policy has three defined bands: 

Band A: Additional preference – Those who are homeless, are at risk of homelessness or have an urgent housing need. 

Band B: Housing need: Reasonable preference – Including residents who need to move due to medical/welfare needs, are looking to transfer to a smaller property (under-occupying), want to move from an adapted home they no longer need or are currently living in an overcrowded/insanitary property.   

Band C: Applicants who have no housing need  

Applicants who can financially meet their own housing need, do not have a local connection to Carmarthenshire or they/a member of their household have been found guilty of unacceptable behaviour will be given no preference under this Policy. 

As a part of the Policy, applicants will be sent reminders to re-register their interest on the 6 and 12 month anniversary of their registration date. Failure to re-register, to use their account or to bid for properties that meet their needs may mean that applicants will be removed from the Housing Register to ensure that only those in need of the service are registered. Help to do this will be provided for people who need it.  

Cllr Deryk Cundy, Chair of the Scrutiny Task and Finish Group responsible for developing the Policy said:

As Chair of the cross-party working group that developed this Emergency Policy, I am pleased to present this Emergency Social Housing Allocations Policy to Cabinet.  This Emergency Policy will better support residents and improve the process for those in greatest housing need as well as providing better operational effectiveness of the way social housing is allocated in Carmarthenshire”. 

Cllr Linda Evans, Cabinet Member for Homes said:

Thank you to the Communities Task & Finsih Group for developing the Emergency Policy which will transform the way social housing is allocated in Carmarthenshire. 

The Emergency Policy will more clearly define the needs of those on the register and enable the Council to provide suitable housing more quickly to those in greatest housing need. All homes will be directly matched and only if a property cannot be matched to someone in exceptional circumstances or Band A of the register will it be advertised on home finder website, Canfod Cartref. 

Residents currently on the housing register will be contacted soon with information on how social housing allocations are set to change as a result of the Emergency Policy. 

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