Access improvements for Berriew Street carpark, Welshpool

6 October 2022

Image of the existing kissing gate in Berriew carpark

Works to remove an old kissing gate and improve the access between the Berriew Street carpark and Oldford Lane in Welshpool, will begin shortly.

The new and improved access will be wider and fully accessible for everyone, allowing pedestrians, disabled users, and parents with pushchairs to be able to fully utilise the existing pathways. Staggered barriers will be installed to ensure that vehicle access is restricted and to deter children from running into, and out of the car park.

The upgrade to this entrance and path will vastly improve access to the old school which has been recently refurbished into a new ‘one stop shop’ centre providing services and support to children, young people and their families.

The new Welshpool Integrated Family Centre provides the community with activities such as parent and toddler groups, baby massage, youth clubs, health advice, family support and counselling, all of which will be far easier to get to once the inaccessible kissing gate is replaced with something more suitable.  

“Maintenance of all our sites is an ongoing task and, where possible, it is great to see that we are able to improve our car parks and public rights of way, ensuring everyone is able to access facilities and move around the area without obstacles.” explains Cllr Jackie Charlton, Cabinet Member for a Greener Powys.

“In a county the size of Powys, making sure all our paths, gates and public areas are accessible for all is a challenge, but it is really important to get these things right in areas which have such a fantastic community resource close at hand.

Local councillor and Cabinet Member for a Safer Powys, Cllr Richard Church added, “Removal of this old kissing gate between Berriew Street carpark and Oldford Lane will ensure that users of the new Welshpool Integrated Family Centre will be able to get there easily with a pushchair, scooter or kids bikes in tow. I know, as a local resident myself, that this improved access will make a real difference to the local area.”

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