We are developing several websites and apps to assist with hyperlocal citizen journalism, news, events, petition and social media.  Examples of some of our news websites:  www.swansea.press  &  www.pembrokeshire.press 
We are also developing websites and apps for events in Wales – www.events.wales and for petitions – www.petition.wales
Further websites will be online shortly, examples being: www.technology.wales,  www.paranormal.wales, www.entertainment.wales – all websites and apps are integrated and require only one login.

If you would like to help please send an email to [email protected]  –  We are looking for citizen journalists, bloggers, vloggers, designers, programmers.  

www.network.wales consists of several different websites and apps,  all are under construction


We are developing several linked websites and apps to help with hyperlocal citizen journalism in addition to petitions, events and community / social media software. If you would like to help, please send email to [email protected]

Contact us: [email protected]

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Independent national & hyperlocal Citizen Journalism