Below inflation council rent increase approved

23 January 2023

Image of a house

Building new council homes while continuing to maintain the existing housing stock will be supported by a below-inflation rent increase, the county council has said.

Last week (Tuesday, January 17) Powys County Council’s Cabinet has agreed to increase council house rent by 5.36%, which equates to an average of £5.16 per week.

The increase is necessary to fund the service as well as allow the council to continue with its maintenance investment plans for the existing 5,500 council homes and to support a growing programme of building new council homes.

The rent increase will come in from April 2023.

Cllr James Gibson-Watt, Leader of Powys County Council, said: “Our growing programme of building new council homes and our maintenance investment plans for our existing council homes will help us build a stronger, fairer, greener Powys.

“This below-inflation rent increase will ensure that we can invest in our housing stock and while increasing the number of council houses in our communities by building high-quality council homes.

“The council would also like to acknowledge the Tenant Scrutiny Panel, who were consulted on the proposals and made a valuable contribution to the decision-making process.

“Council rents in Powys remain amongst the lowest of any landlord working in the county yet offer tenants the most security.”

Cabinet also approved new charges for services such as grounds maintenance, communal cleaning, heating, washing lines, tv aerials, sewerage treatment and fire safety work.

Rent for council garages will also increase by 84p per week.

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